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Verified Customer Reviews

LE writes: "I am extraordinarily impressed with L.A. Ritchie Skin Oil, . Lightweight, absorbs quickly, plumps skin organically, amazing base for make up and no cheap fillers. I LOVE IT. Highly recommend to all LE's!!" - verified customer review

Licensed Esthetician Review: "I was positive I was using 'the best of the best skin care and swore by these products. My friend told me about L.A. Ritchie Skin Oil so I tried a bottle. Right off, it is truly a superior product to what I had been using - I was humbled and amazed. I am beyond IMPRESSED with its extremely fast results, the quality of the oil, how nicely it absorbs and how, within minutes, the complexion improves. This little $25.00 bottle lasted me about a month. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product!!!"

Licensed Esthetician, Seattle writes: "During my extensive career, I have seen and used many skincare products. Nothing, I mean it, NOTHING BEATS L.A. RITCHIE SKIN OIL. I'm telling you, the results are immediate and impressive. Also, mix a drop of this skin oil with your foundation and marvel at the results, like no other, I swear by this skin oil and you should, too! PS: The price is right and a 2 ounce bottle lasts over a month, soo worth it." Verified Customer Review.

Happy Customer writes: "SWITCH! Just SWITCH to this L.A. Ritchie Skin Oil! Even if you think you are using the best skin care possible, read their ingredients, then switch. The difference is BEYOND WORDS!!"

Dean M. Tomasello, MD
ClearSkinMD.net  and Best Selling Author of #1 "Winning Skin"| Anti-Aging & Skin Care Doctor | Freelance Writer & Author | Medical…  writes:   
"I have been using your skin oil for the past month and it is fantastic. You should be congratulated on providing a quality product and excellent customer service. You are clearly someone who "gets it" when it comes to skin care. Two thumbs up Lucinda A. Ritchie Skin Care!"

"OUTSTANDING product!  This skin oil is unlike all others.  Get it.  Just.  Get.  It.  Seriously.  Affordable and is top notch.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" - Skin Care Professional, Pacific NW 

Pro Make Up Artist, Los Angeles, Media Production writes:  "Am trying L.A. Ritchie Skin Oil on myself - so far, AMAZING!!!  Already tested on a few clients - mixed it with foundation I'm using - and it has a GREAT RESULT, especially on women with very dry skin.

"Don’t be fooled.  This plain, unassuming little bottle holds miracle oil. Believe you me, there’s nothing out there like it.” - Call me, "I've Tried 'Em All"

“I used to spend close to $200 every two months on the super fancy face stuff.  Now I only spend $20-$25 every two months, it's an incredible product. It works on so much more than just your face.  Eczema, rough heels and feet.  Friends who have had bad skin for years have now switched over from all the fancy stuff and their skin has cleared up and never has felt and looked better" Busy Homemaker with 3 kids.

Skin Care Professional, "Extraordinary results, very impressed with these products.  In my entire career, I've never found any skin products that work as fast and effectively as these".  

"I'm telling you this product is worth trying!  I have a good feeling you will never use anything else on your your skin!!"  - A.R. Seattle area 

"I love the soap - it's beautiful AND it doesn't dry out my skin or leave a scent-y, film-y residue.  And I know soaps!"  -  Happy Alaska Customer

"I LOVE this skin oil product and I don't even like 'products' ...!!"  -P.G., Alaska

"Beyond impressed with this Skin Oil.  Non-greasy, smooth make-up application, stays on and has a new depth of radiance. Just beautiful!  Highly Recommend!" - A.R.

"I've had a patch of skin behind one ear that has been rough and raised. The dermatologist has a name for it but I've forgotten what it is. Anyway, after using the oil for just a few weeks, that area is as smooth as the other one. I'm amazed and terribly pleased!!! Also my neck is also looking much better, less like crepe paper, and my face has more color. Love this product." - K.N. 

"I cancelled my appointment with the dermatologist!!  All my life, I have battled rough, dry patches of skin on my face - I am 87 years old - and these rough, flaky patches just got worse with age.   I am SO PLEASED to tell you that ALL the rough, dry patches are gone, gone, gone from using your L.A. Ritchie Skin Soap and Skin Oil.  Oh, what a blessing, thank you so much for your products!!!"  - L.S.B., Arizona

"I'm in my 40's and still have acne and bad skin issues.  I've tried every big name brand of skin care there is and nothing worked.  Until I started using L.A. Ritchie Beauty Oil -- OMG!! THIS IS THE FIRST PRODUCT THAT HAS FIXED MY SKIN - SOOO AMAZING! - and in less than 2 weeks!  I also absolutely love how smoothly my make-up goes and looks so much nicer!" ...

"In the first week, my (former) smokers skin looks 5 years younger. I'm not exaggerating.  Stunned!" .... Ms. S.

"Day Two:  Those fine lines around my mouth are disappearing already.  I've never had a product work this fast.  I would definitely recommend these products to a friend."...B.L.

"My tired, dull Grandma skin has sprung to life - honestly, I didn't know I could look this good!" ... Mrs. B.

"I've tried every product on the market.  Nothing. I mean NOTHING works like these.  Amazed and glowing..." ...E. S.

"I LOVE how the oil can be used for so many purposes.  It's beautiful on my face AND my dry legs and heels are all softened up and smooth now, too!" ... K.C.

"The skin oil is great after I shave - my skin is real nice now." ... Grandpa

"l love, love, love the soap/oil combo and that these products are 'crap free'..." ...KN